Shipping policy

At Andra Mart, we prioritize quick and reliable service, striving to dispatch your orders within same day-2 days. Please note that delivery charges, times, and payment options may vary depending on your pin code and the availability of logistics.

We have not included shipping costs in our product prices to provide you with the most cost-effective pricing.

To save more on shipping, consider buying in larger quantities.

Shipping & Packaging Charges: (Approx.)

0.1kg–0.9kg: ₹120.00 INR
1kg–1.9kg: ₹189.00 INR
2kg–2.9kg: ₹289.00 INR
3kg–4.9kg: ₹349.00 INR
5kg–9.9kg: ₹527.00 INR
10kg–10.9kg: ₹749.00 INR
11kg–12kg: ₹800.00 INR

For orders above 12kg, please contact us at for the best shipping pricing.

Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible, ensuring your products arrive promptly and in excellent condition.

Please note that shipping rates are subject to change and we reserve the right to update these rates at any time without prior notice.